Fire-Roasted Goodness

Hello, hello! Happy Saturday!!

Hmm…what happened to Friday, right? Ah, busy day! Plus – I forgot my camera. Uhg – this is why I need a phone with a camera on it. No good. … I was supposed to get one today…but no bones. It wasn’t delivered like it was supposed to be. Lameeee.

I will let you know that I finally sunk my teeth into a fire-roasted veggie sandwich from Cosi and my mind was blown. Seriously so amazing (though a little messy!!). It’s probably my favorite.

Anyway – went out to dinner last night..though we were informed that we had hour and 20 minutes to eat because the restaurant was reserved for the evening starting at 8. That’s okay..I can eat fast. haha It was delicious though.

Went to Jacob Wirth’s (where portions of Cruise’s “Knight and Day” were shot…and they were promoting it quite a bit…haha) and had a delicious Bavarian burger…okay, their pickled cabbage, as gross as that may sound to some, is sooo good on this burger. Plus, it comes with their German potato salad which is pretty much the most amazing potato salad, period. My mom says that it is just like her mom made when she was little.

Anyway – back to the present. Today was filled with a few disappointments the first being the failed phone delivery that was supposed to occur today and the second being the U.S. loss to Ghana in the World Cup. Those boys played so hard though, and they did a great job.

However, there were numerous highlights to my day.

NUTELLAAAA! haha *chorus of angels*

Dunks + Sox (sad about Pedroia's fractured foot though!)

My bro got a PS3 – which DID get delivered today. My cat fell in love with the box it came in. Cuteness ensued.

Dinner was grilled chicken and homemade coleslaw – so good. Lots of cabbage talk in this post, haha.

Oh – and beer bread may have been made…and copious amounts may have been consumed. So delicious.

I hope you all are doing absolutely fabulously and enjoying your weekends!

8 thoughts on “Fire-Roasted Goodness

  1. Love that sandwich!! It used to be my staple, but I got a little bored and started going for the hummus and fresh veggie πŸ™‚ Little Cosi fact- the “wheat” bread is really just the white dipped in a special coating! Weird, right? Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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