A Triumphant Return

Hello, loves. Okay – this one will be short and sweet (literally).

Short – because I’m an idiot and forgot my camera in NH…yeh. If only I had a phone that had an amazing camera in it…oh, yes…I’m supposed to but it hasn’t arrived yet. haha

Bitterness aside….lets move on to the something sweet!


Yes – if you remember a while back, I was obsessed with these suckers. They were pretty much an every day thing…and then I reorganized my cabinets and totally forgot about the mix. Well, tonight – I stumbled upon them..and having Organic Stonyfield Low Fat French Vanilla in my fridge, I jumped in to action!

Please excuse the PhotoBooth quality of these photos. haha

The mix advises a minute per serving in the microwave – but for me, 40 seconds (for two servings) leaves them piping hot but still gooey in the middle. Ahh – so good. This was the last of my chocolate-mint mix, but I’ve got chocolate-raspberry waiting for me in the cupboard. haha

I inhaled it. Also – please excuse my awkward grip of the cup…over the handle? I have no idea.

I probably finished it in less than the 40 seconds it took to microwave. haha Quick. Easy. Delicious. and not too bad for ya!

I’m enjoying this kick of revisiting old food obsessions. πŸ™‚


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