Long Weekends

We live for ’em right? Inevitably they don’t feel long enough – but I’m taking every opportunity I can to relax, soak up the sun (in moderation, of course) and enjoy life.

Yesterday’s food photos were few and far between – but eats were good. I ended up getting the usual from Cosi, but since I ate lunch with some friends it I didn’t/just forgot to take any photos. It was a beautiful day – and lunch outside was just perfect.

I ended up getting out of work really early and then I had to head home. I was supposed to meet up with a friend from school last night, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Food? Oh yes…

Coffee – so necessary. Obviously, it was refilled a few times. haha

A new staple in my life. haha Sooo good.

Once home, Mom’s green rice was waiting for me. Again – so good.

Also – I randomly picked up tzatziki sauce with real reason, simply because I love it and I kept thinking “What am I gonna do with this??” – ends up…it makes an awesome did for popcorn. haha

This weekend will be spent with family, friends and fireworks. Oh – and the beach!!!!

What’re your plans??


6 thoughts on “Long Weekends

  1. I LOVE cedar’s brand! I am all over their hummus dips and babaganoush. Enjoy your long weekend! mine has been pretty uneventful

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