Evening loves. Hope you’re all doing well – and if you’re in Boston …or any other area suffering from the unbelievable heat today…I hope you stayed hydrated and cool!

Today was nuts – heat and humidity wise. It hit 100 here in Boston, and the air quality was just blah. It made walks to and from work very sticky ones! haha

My morning was spent clinging to my coffee and putting off actually getting ready. I hold onto my coffee, but seriously never finish a cup of coffee in the morning…maybe it’s more of a mental necessity…having that cup…or perhaps the smell. Either way, I get enough caffeine out of a quarter of a cup to last me until work…perhaps it’s time to make smaller batches.

Over lunch, I had to do a few errands. Those errands, however, meant that some Whole Foods sushi was in reach! I ate spicy tempura shrimp sushi while a small Irish lad kicked my chair under the table (he didn’t know he was doing it, and I was too engrossed in my lunch to really, truly care).


I had another coffee midday…I think this is just to keep myself busy rather than actually caffeinate me. …decaf might be a good choice, no?


On my way home, I stopped for some groceries and to peruse the aisles at Borders.

I picked up this (mostly because of the cinnamon-sugar sweet potato fries on the cover…).

Now that I’m done with courses, I will finally have the time to get creative!! Yay – which is a good thing for my diet (and by diet, I simply mean the foods I consume – whatever they may be – not anything restrictive), my tastebuds aaand the blog. haha πŸ˜€

However, switching it up did not happen tonight. The microwave was in action tonight – leftovers of Rosemary Walnut Quinoa and then popcorn with Cedar’s tzatziki.

Oh – and lots of munching on Trader Joe’s gluten free cranberry maple nut granola! Yum.

Stay cool!!

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