Worth 1000 Words

Ahh – so I took a bit of a breather this weekend…for some reason, as much as a truly love blogging – I have been lacking the words. This post will be dedicated to my eats over the weekend…not all of them are included, but sometimes all you really need is pictures.

One of my supervisors brought in bagels on Friday. Yum. Blueberry bagel with cream cheese.


Okay…so this is not food – but this was a scene set up for the Ana Faris movie shooting in Boston that happened be right near my work. Sooo pretty! I can only imagine beautiful this will be in the movie!


Swordfish and salad with a few potatoes. Delicious!


And – the thing I am most proud of…and what I mentioned in my last post – my fakin’ BLT.

The players:

The results:

It turned out both beautiful annnd delicious! The Ezekiel bread holds up well to the guac…no soggy bread!

I hope you all are well – and I ask you this…and I’m totally taking a page from Gabriela on this: What would you guys like to see on this blog or see more of for that matter? I want to make the blog more focused – and I also want to make it less mundane…my day-to-day activities are not necessarily the most adventurous and exciting! haha


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