Shades of Green

Hello, loves! I’ve been losing my mind this week – thinking it’s Friday when it’s not…gahh. Today I literally thought it was a whole different day at work…and even just a few minutes ago I had a panic that my friends were going to be in town soon and – crap, I had nothing to wear to go out!! Then…oh, right…it’s Thursday.

Apparently no amount of coffee could allow me to wrap my head around the fact that it was not Friday.

My day was busy – but my eats were good.

Okay, so the PB&J rollup picture is from last night… but rest assured…I stuffed my face with a number of these at lunch.


Also – hydration. Key.

However…my favorite meal(s) of the day often come at night…that’s not to say that I don’t utterly enjoy everything I eat…but I think it’s the anticipation of being done with the work day and of getting creative.

Tonight – my munchies were all shades of green.

First up – kale chips: part II. This time I dusted them with some Mrs. Dash Southwest Seasoning. Nom.

Pretty toasty greens!

I also had a “B”LT with guac. …the guac is def. not the beautiful green it once was (booooo oxidation); however, it’s faired decently. It made for a delicious sandwich!

Toasty Ezekiel bread is amazing!

  • Ever had one of those weeks where your internal clock is just waaaay off?

7 thoughts on “Shades of Green

  1. last week i thought it was thursday…it was monday. how does this happen?? today i’m convinced it’s wednesday, but inf act it’s already friday!

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