Hello, hello – lonnnng time no post. Well..last night’s update doesn’t count. How are y’all doingggg? I hope everyone’s wonderful.

My life has been hectic – for all the right reasons – for the past few days…the only downer being a bug that I seemed to have had Monday into Tuesday…however, I’m feeling better now, and just got in from a great dinner/window shopping with a friend!

Healthy eats were not necessarily on my menu these past few days…but that’s okay. haha They were all delicious eats…that is for sure.

Where to start, right?

How ’bout (as this lovely would say) with the ‘fits?


25% off. Did I need it - no. Did I get it .. yes.

Summer lovin'

Fabulous nights with friends:

Beautiful backdrops:

Marina Bay, Quincy, MA

NH Coast

And of course… the eats!

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese from Port 305 in Marina Bay...delicious!

And yes – that would be red velvet cheesecake. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.

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