One Last Hurrah

Hello lovies – back in the real world today after a panic-inducing commute this morning. Oy…I don’t normally commute from NH, but it was one of the only options I had today and unfortunately, a truck overturned with mulch or dirt or something in it and caused major delays! Major…like a drive that normally takes 40 minutes took a little more than 2 hours. Never.Again. My poor mother – she drove my panicky behind to work…she’s a saint.

Now I could have easily gone back to my healthy eats – but considering my hellish commute…I gave myself a free pass for today as well. One last hurrah so to speak.

Lunch was Cosi. Surprise. No time to pack lunch, obv. haha

“Life Should be Delicious” – I couldn’t agree more.

Dinner was a combination of “creamed” spinach (more spinach than cream) that’s been sitting in my freezer for 11 months now…it literally came with me when I moved. Hit the spot.

The creamy theme continued with gnocchi from Trader Joe’s.

Now – it’s time to get into the mind-set of the (short) work week. I hope you all are wonderful!!

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