A Change of Pace

Hello, hello lovelies. I know I skipped out on you last night. I’ve been absolutely terrible lately. Last night, I ended up heading up to NH to spend a little time with my aunt and uncle who are visiting with my mom before they headed back home.

It was a great evening – good food and company. I slept on the floor, but meh…survived. haha Sleeping on the floor in an air conditioned area vs. sleeping in a bed in a room that is 90 degrees…I vote floor. 🙂

In other “news” –  I’ve been quite the little bookworm as of late…well, I don’t know – I don’t necessarily finish books in record time, but still. haha The books I enjoy are not necessarily high brow, but they are fun to read – and that’s the entire point, isn’t it?

This post is a slight change in pace. More of a topic than actual eats…but hey, gotta change it up once in a while right?? 🙂


I just finished up Julie and Julia (I know it came out forever ago, and no I haven’t seen the movie)… I really enjoyed it though…not necessarily from a blogger perspective, but from a food perspective. Plus, I love books/blogs/etc. where people write as they speak…it’s just a more honest read for me. I also think it’s brave to write as you speak…it’s putting that much more of yourself out there for people to take as they see fit. I enjoyed the lightness, joking, f-bombs and Buffy love, as well as other Joss Whedon/ Firefly/Serenity references that I know my best friend would be happy to see… and of course the food and Julia. haha  

I just started to read French Women Don’t Get Fat  – I didn’t start to read it as a “diet book” – I wouldn’t even classify it as that; more so because I (a.) love French culture – their language, food, everyyything –  and (b.) have heard great things about the book.

I don’t need to lose weight – I’m healthy, happy and a normal weight for my height – …though not to say, I wouldn’t be okay with shedding a few pounds (but that’s purely for vanity’s sake hehe). So far – it’s a refreshing read…intelligent, witty, sleek and realistic.

It’s refreshing to see talk – woman to woman – about how “we” have a tendency to deprive ourselves and make ourselves miserable over food…and how, “we” can truly enjoy amazing food (pastry, chocolate, wine, bread and butter included), and not blow up like balloons as is branded into the brain of every girl – child, teen and adult – in the U.S (obviously, every is a gross generalization, but you get my point).

 It’s a glaring reminder of how backwards American thinking is towards food – shun butter and oil because “fat = baddd” (nonono!) but eat all sorts of things that we can’t pronounce and don’t truly enjoy?? I think, even in the first couple of chapters of this book, it is amazing to me how much it reminds of people that I know who think like that [and at one point, I did, too] – who obsess and agonize over their caloric intake, fats and carbs…and how it doesn’t have to be that way!

Moderation truly is the name of the game – after all…what’s the point of it all if you’re not enjoying yourself?? Fats aren’t the enemy(no matter what “they” try to tell you), sugar isn’t either, [quality] bread (yes, even WHITE bread) isn’t bad, [quality] chocolate isn’t bad (thank, God!), wine isn’t bad…it’s just all about moderation and balance.

Amen, Mireille. C’est vrai.


20 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. i totally agree with the fact that americans are so overweight because we don’t trust our bodies and we fear food! not to mention we work and stress out too much and don’t workout enough 😉 but i agree, no food should be ‘off limits’ (unless you’re a vegan or whatever reasons) but food should be savored and enjoyed rather than manipulated, regimented and manufactured!

    • Exactly – unless you’re making a conscious choice about exclusions of certain foods (like veganism and vegetarianism or because of health) most people do not exclude foods because it makes them happy – usually it’s out of fear.

  2. I love Julie and Julia! You should read her second book…it’s very interesting, and definitely not something I expected her to go through after reading the book and seeing the movie.

    I’m really interested in French Women Don’t Get Fat…it’s weird how American women have this STRANGE view of food (including me sometimes…American society as a whole is like this I think), yet we are the largest nation?? I would love to live in France for sixth months just to get a new perspective on life and food…I think Europeans have a much more sensible, less manically paced lifestyle.

  3. I really want to read both of these books! I agree with you – I think that there’s something to the way we APPROACH food as a concept, our feelings towards the food we put in our body, that physically affects how our body processes it. Very interesting. Thanks for the reviews!!

  4. I have not read either books! I’ve read a few first chapters of Julie and Julia, but couldn’t get over the whiny, negative tone of the author. I’ll give it another try, though. I loved what you said about how American diet is going backwards, despite how diet-obsessed we are. It’s so true: we overthink and over-analyze food, when it’s really so simple: enjoy in moderation!

  5. Loved Julie and Julia – great light read. I’ve always been interested in French Women Don’t Get Fat – but resisted assuming it was a diet book. I might have to give it a try next time I’m at B&N.

  6. Haha, my room at home is 90 degrees, but I’ve never had central air, so I’m used to it 🙂 I read that books a few years ago, and it is so true!! The French definitely enjoy their food. Now if only we could get them to stop smoking…

    Hope you have a great Friday love!! xoxo

  7. I have never read that book but know I would love the approach it has. I certainly believe food is meant to be enjoyed and is not the enemy. It’s about choosing wholesome foods you enjoy and love without fearing an indulgence now or then.

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