You've Got to Do Your Own Growing

There’s a quote: Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow…

The only thing I might add to that is “Live to grow…”

Obviously, I took a bit of a prolonged vacation from writing – it wasn’t intentional or planned, but it was truly necessary.

However – I have been living. and growing.

The last few weeks have been great ones – filled with accomplishments, realizations, new friendships, fun, and both beginnings and endings.

They have prompted me to just sit back and bask in it all. Not basking in “glory”…but in the accomplishments nonetheless.

My internship came to a close last Friday – and I can honestly say that I walked away from it with a lot more than I thought I would. It wasn’t always easy, but in the end, I walked away with new connections, new knowledge, new accomplishments and most importantly new friends (…oh, and perhaps a couple of pounds from all the cake, haha). This summer, I ended up accomplishing so much more than I thought I could…I’m not here to brag about myself…but I do think it is so important to take a moment to soak it all in.

In the past month or so – the blog has definitely taken a backseat to life, but I do think it was for the better…life is to be lived after all (and if it’s not being lived, what is there to write about??). I was lacking motivation in the blogging arena and I wasn’t necessarily paying the same attention to food the way I had previously…plus, I’m pretty sure my blogs would have been mucho, mucho boring.

However, evaluation of this past year … all of my accomplishments…one of them being this blog… I cannot wait to start on a new foot here. It was ironic tonight that I was on Twitter and saw Jenna’s post about the changes in ELR (as not only have I not been writing, I haven’t been reading as much either). It mirrored my thoughts perfectly.

Your 20s is a time of huge change…and I think this summer was a turning point for me. I’m more motivated than ever, and more confident than ever, in my ability to succeed and be a leader. This blog (and ALL of you [yes, even you guys who don’t comment ;-)]) will only transform as I do – and I hope you guys stick around…as I’m fairly confident we’re all going through transformations of our own.

My life has definitely become more well-rounded…and I really hope the blog will begin to reflect that… of course, food is still the main event – I love it and it’s such an important part of my life, but I’m looking to incorporate more…LIFE…into the blog – friends, family, traveling (we know LA has to happen, at least once, right, Rach??), school, joys and stresses…after all we’re only human, right?

Stick with me – PL&M has only just started to grow. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “You've Got to Do Your Own Growing

  1. Continue to evolve. The more you know the more you grow. Thanks for the thoughts. By the way, nice blog:)

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