Hello, hello again – I know…what is this? Two…in like 12 hours? Well…I finally found my camera cord. haha

Here are random, little snippets of my life and eats over the past few weeks!

Gettin' serious - presentation day 'fit

I’ve fallen in love with French press coffee.

Days have been spent in the sand.

I discovered the amaaaazing-ness of frozen pre-made pain au chocolat from Trader Joe’s. Mon Dieu….I cannot explain how delicious these are. The only “hard” part is finding a place to put them for 8 hours to proof!

Honeydew‘s iced coffee has been a constant…I’d never had it before it moved into a complex near my mom’s house in NH, but I’m glad they did – it’s just so good!

Homemade iced coffee also made an appearance.

Finally…any semblance of health and greens…kale chips!!

Ahh – snapshots of life. I hope you all are wonderful.


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