Bookwormin' it

Hello, hello, loves! I hope your weekend has been a fabulous one!

Today was one of many adventures…both of the literary and culinary variety!

First up – reading!…I make no claims that my tastes are high-brow! haha

Side-note: Did anyone else have SSR time in elementary school (Sustained Silent Reading)??

First up…some necessary magazines.ย  Fashion + Food!


Excited to try out all of these sauce recipes!!

Also – a trip to B&N led to the purchase of two books that I’ve wanted to dive into for quite some time now…

Love Chelsea Handler – I think she’s hilarious, and I’ve been a fan loooong before Chelsea Lately.

I think I have a tendency to lean towards and admire women (authors, celebs, every day peeps etc.) who are funny, smart (even if they don’t use SAT language on a daily basis),ย  don’t take themselves too seriously, …most have quite the potty mouth, and all are really strong women. Love them. haha

I never said I was reading the classics…. haha

On to food:

First, isn’t this the most gorgeous apple??

Of course, Honeydew was a part of my morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lovin’ the fact that these cranberries are sweetened with apple juice! They’re a little more tart, but I’m not missing the tons of added sugar sometimes present in dried fruit!

Also – seeing these Stroopwafels brought back memories of my trip to the Netherlands and visiting my brother… so delicious!

Dinner was a Thai peanut pasta with broccoli. So delicious – light and perfect for a warm summer night.

My most exciting moment of the day though – stumbling upon the NEW LARAS!! Weeee! I have been looking for these everywhere, and I haven’t dug in yet…I feel like I have to save them for something special…like a midnight snack? haha

  • What have been some of your newest food finds?
  • What’s on your summer reading list??

4 thoughts on “Bookwormin' it

  1. I’ve been really aching to pick up that issue of Glamour! Must buy tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmm, most of my summer reads are Political Science-y/Human Rights related books (yuh huh, I’m a nerd).

  2. We are reading twins, seriously. I love to listen to the Chelsea books by CD because it makes it 10x more hilarious. It’s like my dysfunctional mother is reading aloud to me, it’s awesome. And I remember SSR! That was my favorite!

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