Avocado and Herbs

Hello, hello! I finally feel like I am back in my routine…and inspired to try new things! It wasn’t until I set foot back into my kitchen that I realized how little I had truly cooked/baked/fiddled in there recently.

It feels really great to have a fridge full of healthy options at my fingertips!

Last weekend I came across a recipe for “Green Goddess Rice” from Claire Robinson of 5 Ingredient Fix. The recipe itself didn’t receive the greatest of reviews, but I knew that I loved the concept of a lemony, herb and avocado-filled, pesto-like sauce to accompany brown rice. I mean…I always think of sauces belonging on pasta…but why not rice, too? Right?

So – I basically took the form of her recipe (I don’t have exact measurements, sorry!) and compiled a bunch of ingredients that I figured would produce something decent.

I chose to use fresh basil, parsley and cilantro (in varying amounts – basil being most prevalent) – but the fab thing is that, obviously, you can choose the herbs that you enjoy.

I stuck them all in the food processor with the juice of a lemon, half of an avocado, salt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. *cue the familiar whirring of a food processor*

This was great on rice…it brightened it up (literally and figuratively), and (so far) it has held up really well in the fridge.

This would be good on pasta or as a spread on sandwiches, too…. ohhh, the possiblities.

I’m looking forward to making some with other additions and tweaks…perhaps some nuts blended in and other spices

Hope you all are splendid. Lots of love.


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