Identity Crisis

Yup – I think I figured out why I was feeling so lackluster towards the blog the last few months…I have been going through a blog identity crisis!!


How is this possible, right?

I don’t know…a huge part of me loves “Peace, Love & Munchies”…however, there is also that part of me that thinks – if I had really thought just a little more about the blog…maybe if it I hadn’t just hastily thrown together a name I wouldn’t be stumbling over this now.

Straight-talk: when I started this blog a year ago (ahh where does the time go??) after creepin’ on Eat Live Run and Oh She Glows for a little while, I just dove headfirst into the blogosphere.

I really didn’t think about the name that much – it came into my mind after seeing a Facebook bumper sticker (see…a year ago): “Peace, Love & Coffee” (considering the copious amounts of coffee I drink now perhaps it wouldn’t have been a bad choice to just go that way, hah)…it was just my blog – now, with hundreds of you guys reading daily?? Wow. It’s like a brand? True. Nononono. That’s too harsh, too sterile. However, it is what/who you all know me as.

I contemplated a domain change (which is what the input I was lookin’ for from you guys was about)..However, after a brief talk with my brother about it, and the words “…but that’s who you are”…being thrown out there more than a couple of times, I realized you know what…he’s right. Peace, Love & Munchies just has to evolve with me. The Peace, Love & Munchies of a year ago…is very different than the PLM of today…for better (and y’all actually read!! woooo!!)

Identity crisis…averted? No probably not – but I at least know what direction I want to take the blog in now.

This blog has always been about eating healthfully (with the indulgence factor, too!).

Personally, it’s been about weight-loss; however, not in the extreme sense…more of a “see you can enjoy the journey and lose weight!” sort of sense. It’s been mostly centered on the food…which I love -obviously. Now though, it’s beyond more than just the food…it’s about fitness, too…being and feeling healthy and strong. Now I’m noooo expert in that department so I guess that’s all just part of the journey, right?

A fit and fabulous fresh start. πŸ™‚

I’d asked this pretty recently, but I’ve had quite a few new readers/commenting in the last couple of months so I want to ask again: What would you all like to see on the blog? What do you want to know about me? Anything? Ask away…if you don’t want to ask in comments – ask in e-mail!! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I’ve had a few blog crises in the past nine months, but they’ve all made the blog better. I love reading about people’s LIVES beyond the food. Food can definitely tell a story, but it’s nothing without the person behind it! Just keep doing your thing and posting what feels right to you girl- you’ll feel good about it if it comes from the heart!

    Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

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