Tuesday, Glee-day

Hello, hello loves! (for the record, I’m totally writing this entry during GLEE commercial breaks…haha)

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday – this week feels like it started looong ago. Anyone else?

Today was a really busy, but great day, in general. Good eats. Good workout. Generally good classes. Sweet.

First up – the delicious part of my day:

Morning iced coffee hidden in a beer glass. 🙂

Sidenote: If you are ever in Burlington, VT – hit up VPB…fabulous beers.

LARA for mid-class munchies.

Unfortunately this was not only the wrong latte, but the coffee tasted like it had been burned…blech.

Eggs + Ketchup = Win

Not necessarily pretty – but….

Bob’s knows how to put together a nice vegi soup mix!

Got in a nice workout of Arc machine and weights…aaand ran into CT. Someone posted on foursquare that it was CJ from the Real World that works there…but nope – definitely CT. haha Makes sense – since he is from Boston and all.

Just trying to get life together, get organized, and not get too stressed…at least this early in the semester!! haha

Picked up my class t-shirt today, too – made it that much more real. Ahhh.  🙂

I hope you all are wonderful…and have had an amazing week so far…even if it is just Tuesday.



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