Tea for Two….

…and two for tea.

Anyone else remember that line from Full House? …little Michelle Tanner, how you were cute and somewhat annoying at the same time. haha I forget what episode that’s from…but it’s a line I remember, for whatever reason.


Anyway…afternoon everyone! I know, what is this? Afternoon posts?

I was up bright and early this morning….construction next door really left me no choice.

Even though it was slated to be a warm day (it’s 85 now), I brewed up some coffee and enjoyed along with some cold cereal that I forgot to photograph. In the words of the great Chelsea Handler, “Whoopsie!”

I compiled a list of stuff I needed from the grocery store. I knew it would be expensive…darn spices. At least they’re foodie-investments though.

Noooote my spelling error with jalapeno haha

Though the weather was decidedly summer-like…the ground told a different story. Crunch.Crunch.Crunch!

One very successful (and slightly expensive) trip to Shaw’s later…

Proudly – I only picked up two things that weren’t on my list. The butternut squash (though, it should have been) and the cheddar Babybel – nom…cheeeese. Oh, and I stocked up on Blue Cheese Laughing Cow…hahaha. Though, I didn’t get chocolate chips…they didn’t have any dark…at all. Disappointing.

With my new spice purchases (meant for a certain channa masala recipe), my spice collection officially outgrew it’s space in the cabinet…in comes the bread box.

I cleaned (maaajorly) my entire apartment, and then caught up on my Google Reader…all while munching on a Doctor Kracker Pumpkin Cheddar flatbread smothered in a wedge of …what else?… blue cheese LC. …it almost looks frosted. haha

Figures…hottest day of the week and choose hot beverages – but I also made up a pot of tea. Also…obviously where Michelle Tanner jumped into my head.

I’m off…I need to shower and get ready for dinner tonight – hence my early post. We’re heading to a lovely little restaurant (I’ve mentioned it before)…but I’ll tell you alllllllllll about it later!


9 thoughts on “Tea for Two….

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  2. I love that you only slightly strayed from your grocery list. Sometimes I stray reeeally badly and have to snap back to the list. If it’s not on the list and you know you’re going to use it…no harm, right? =)

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