Morning, loves! I cannot believe it is Sunday already…who decided that the weekend would be so short. Ahh, man. Oh well…I’ll have a long weekend in couple of weeks so I can’t complain too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, I left off with the fact that I was going out to dinner.

We went to this lovely restaurant, Teatro, to celebrate (yes, week-long) my brother’s birthday. I have been before, and I even think I wrote about it in the blog.

We had a lovely, lovely dining experience (again), and some of the best food that I’ve had in Boston. In advance, I apologize for the lighting/poor quality of my photos. My phone’s camera didn’t adjust well to the dim atmosphere!

The thing I love about this place is their small plates for sharing…great tastings of really great food. We got a tuna tartare that was lovely and some crispy calamari – which is always a win!

Cocktails were also a must:

Unfortunately – the pictures of our dinners did not turn out. However, I got their mushroom risotto that was unbelievably good, and both my dad and my brother got their rib eye – of which I tried a bite – and it was fantastic. Both entrees involved truffle oil…need I say more? haha

Of course…celebrations warrant desserts. Mine was their chocolate crema – delicious, rich, but not too heavy – and both my dad and brother got their panna cotta which was delicious and so, so light!

My chocolate crema

Great night, great service, great food. I walked out of their satisfied but not stuffed (their portioning is perfect).

As I said, I’ve been to Teatro a few times, but it is definitely a place I would recommend if you’re coming into the city.


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