Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Who me?

YES. me. haha

Megan at ZonePerfect contacted me not too long ago asking if I’d like to try out their new Cookie Dough Bars. Of course, my immediate reaction was “YES!”… little did I know the awesomeness that would land on my doorstep!

First off, I was so surprised to finally meander downstairs today (class cancellations, woo!) and find this little ditty perched atop my mailbox!

Not gonna lie, loved seeing the blog name there

I was on my way to my non-cancelled class so I quickly ran it up to my apartment and tucked it safely away until my return.

Little did I know the surprise I was in for…

So creative, right???

Also, loving the fact that all the product info is on that little wrapper shaped USB.

I have yet to dig into one of these (can you guess which one will go first? haha). I feel like I need to wait until I can savor it… so tomorrow morning? haha

Either way, you guys should totally go check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. They give away free stuff on their Facebook page every Thurs!!


5 thoughts on “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

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