Brought to you by the letter "C"…


C is for Coffee …foamy!

After anxiously ripping open the package that ZonePerfect generously sent my way (and of course, posting about it!), I couldn’t wait to try the bars.

My first impression was that this totally reminded me of a miniature version of those slice and bake cookies – you know the ones with the little designs in them? Holding it in my hand, it truly felt like cookie dough.

Taste: Loved it! – obviously, I had to go for the Peanut Butter one first. It definitely did not disappoint!! ย I really look forward to trying the other flavors: Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin!

Texture: Awesome – they really got the doughy, firm texture spot on. It brought me back to scraping the bowl as a kid……. okay, let’s be honest – I scrape the bowl now.

While these don’t have the shortest ingredient list around, the PB bar was definitely delicious, and it held me over for most of the morning! Win! I’d definitely purchase it myself.

  • C is for Cheese & Fruit on Toast

Sprouted 7-Grain from Ezekiel covered in Laughing Cow Light Swiss and some Raspberry Jam. I went light on the jam this time…not sure if I’d really like it… but so good! Reminded me of when putting cream cheese and jam on bagels.

C is for Chainsaws outside of my window….

Bye, bye tree

C is for Channa Masala with Chobani

Dessert? TBD…but probably…. Chocolate. ย ๐Ÿ™‚


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