Busy Bee

Hey loves! I cannot believe it is suddenly Thursday…well, in one sense I can – I have been super busy, but I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to squeeze a post in!

This week – photos of food have been put on the back burner…too much to do. haha Today alone I have 3 meetings on top of classes. Bah! …stressed.

Last week, I helped out at a Breast Cancer Awareness event at my school…free food = lots of people.

The frosting on those cupcakes was so good.

Luckily last weekend, I had a lovely time at home…apple “picking”, beach-going and general R&R. Absolutely necessary and wonderful.

The had lots of squash, too! haha

Okay, I’ll be honest, as much as I love apples…my true excitement came in the form of cider donuts and fresh apple cider. Sooo good.

My mom and I also explored Newburyport, MA. We went to the beach, did a little shopping, and a lot of eating. Glorious. haha

Beach reconstruction at its finest.

Literal living on the edge.

An absolutely gorgeous day!

We ate at Michael’s Harborside (I had unpictured fish tacos…delish!), and then wandered around a bit more.

Mwahaha -mom didn’t know she was in the picture.

My mom asked, “What do you think the artists was thinking when they made it?… my response..”Wine.”

Need a hand?

It was such a lovely weekend…hopefully this weekend, I’ll get to head back to my mom’s and help her out with baking some of the apples we got. Yay! …so much to do until then.

Sometimes you just need a light at the end of the tunnel…and for me, right now, that light is PIE. haha

  • What’ve been your favorite fall activities? … or foods?

6 thoughts on “Busy Bee


    I saw your twitter post about the veg fest, did you end up going?
    I always leave deciding to the last minute and checking it out alone is not fun haha

    Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

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