A Whole New World…

Yes. Yes, here it is. A brand new URL. No…not my own domain, but I knew that PLM and I just didn’t connect the way we once did. I will always cherish our time together. haha

With that out of the way, I totally encourage you to add Big City, Lil’ Kitchen to your Reader!! Weeee! I feel like I had so much more freedom with this blog (title). Not that I couldn’t write what I wanted in the last one, but I felt like name held me back in some ways. Who knows.

Now – my life has been busy. Super busy. However, this weekend I was able to get tons of work done, volunteer (judging high school debate), shop, dine out, and hang out with friends (yes, my brother is included in that sentiment). Working out didn’t quite make it in there…although – I think walking around the city of Boston, non-stop for 4 hours, counts as a workout. Life was definitely lived in the past few days.

First off, Thursday night – made dinner with my friend Dee. Well, it was more like I was the wino paparazzo. Either way, Dee made a fab meal and it was lovely to share it with friends.


Preppin' for chicken marsala


Homemade guac!

Friday was spent volunteering at BU – followed by some fajitas and ‘ritas.

Saturday night – had dinner at this lovely little Indian place – Bhindi Bazaar. Delicious, really. My bro, his buddy and I shared a bunch of dishes.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully!!

I apologize for the poor quality photos…life has been busy and constantly in motions.

I can blame the blurry cell phone pics on that, right? haha


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