Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast is an obsession of mine. Eggs – love ’em; Bacon (and Facon) – love it; Pancakes – so much love; French Toast – sign me up; Oatmeal – essential…bagels, croissants…you name it – I probably love it. However…I’m not a “breakfast person.”

Oxymoron? Nahh.

I’m not a morning person. Usually, I’ll forsake my own vanity for a few extra minutes of shut-eye – even if that means having to scramble around my apartment to find my keys as I rush out the door. This usually means that breakfast becomes a coffee or a Lara Bar (if I’m coherent enough to remember it).

What does a girl do when she loves breakfast – but she loves sleep just a little bit more (sorry, breakfast).

Breakfast for Dinner (or lunch…or snack).

My ย Facon (fake bacon….for those not following) ย and Egg Sandwich – with…you guessed it KETCHUP. haha Hey, nothin’ wrong with a lil’ ketchup!

2 eggs. 2 slices of Morning Star Farms veggie bacon. Ketchup. 2 Slices of Bread. Simple.

This certainly hit the spot after a really long day. Can I just say how much I LOVE Fiber One‘s whole wheat bread? It’s higher in calories (100 a slice), but it is packed with fiber (obvs) and is dense, chewy and just delicious. It’s perfect for toast, too. …and no, they’re not payin’ me to say that. It really is that good and has earned a permanent spot in my kitchen.

No better way to round out a day than with a warm breakfast sandwich….okay, I’m sure you could come up with better ways, but it is a really fabulous note to end on.

      1. What about you? Favorite breakfast foods? Tell me about ’em!

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