Quick Curry

Evenin’ loves – how’s everyone doing? TGIWed? haha I can’t believe that in a week family will be arriving to celebrate Thanksgiving!! I feel like it crept up out of nowhere!! Anyone else?

I was finally able to get in some errands. Purchased some 2011 calendars – I find that I have a tendency to put it off, and then by the time I realize that it’s 2011…I should get a calendar…all the good ones are gone! You’re left with really awkward, reject calendars. Nooo thanks. haha

I also got in a trip to Trader Joe’s. Hadn’t been in forever!! I went in search of their refrigerated margarita mix (I’d heard it’s really good), but alas they didn’t have it. ..does anyone know of a really great, not too sweet margarita mix?

However, I did manage to pick up a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know I needed. I managed to dive into this purchase before settling down to actual lunch.

Love the fact that it’s pre-portioned and 70% dark. Plus, the packaging just called to me while I waited in line. Impulse purchase #103921.

Lunch was a package of Cedar’s Chickpea Salad. I need to figure out a recipe for duplicating this … it is delicious!

The afternoon was spent catching up on e-mails and cleaning. Oh, and munching on pudding & chia seeds – seemingly unlikely duo, but it just adds a little crunch (and nutrition).

Anyway – let’s get right to dinner. After dining out on Saturday and enjoying amazing Indian food, I have just been craving curry like nobody’s business. Alert – new food obsession.

Again – Trader Joe’s to the rescue. After studying the various curry options, I decided on their Simmering Curry Sauce. I combined the curry sauce with frozen spinach, and let it chill over medium heat for a while. I piled the curried greens on top of a bowl of brown rice and VOILA.

Simple, delicious and seriously satisfying.

Once the jar is gone, I will attempt my own curry. I know Jenna has some great recipes.  However, it’s nice to find those reliable little pantry items; plus it’s always awesome finding something new and delicious in the grocery store.

  • What’re you all loving these days? Any new foods or products??

10 thoughts on “Quick Curry

  1. I just made a curry dish last night with Patak’s Rogan Josh sauce- so good. Indian is one of my favorite ethnic cuisines!!

    TJ Maxx and Homegoods usually have really nice margarita mixes for dirt cheap. I’ve gotten a lot of fun cocktail mixers there!

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