Time Flies

Wow – time sure flies when you’ve got a lot of your plate (figuratively and literally?)

These last few days have been chock full of work, assignments, client-meetings (chooocolatier clients, yumm), the beginning of some projects and the ends of others. I don’t think I’ll be breathing anything resembling a sigh of relief until my very last final has been completed.

However, along with lots of work – I have been eating lots of delicious things…granted many of them did not come from my kitchen.

Ahh, the purposeful “don’t buy anything and try and use up everything that is perishable” stretch before the holidays. My fridge was pretty much empty as of Monday…void of milk, eggs, and any sort of leafy green. Wasting money and food … not really a favorite pastime of mine.

In came the sandwiches and – lucky for me – an amazing 3-course meal at Mooo Restaurant in Beacon Hill.

Sandwiches came from Whole Foods.

If it has avocado on it…I’m buyin’.

Mooo…. was spectacular. Our 3-course meal  was huuuge and great ( unbelievable bread, Caesar salad, creamed spinach, brûléed autumn squash, mashed potatoes and amazing truffle fries…along with a great steak and two wonderful desserts [this was all shared, aside from the steak]). My friend works at the restaurant, and the people working were so wonderful, kind, funny and accommodating – and it’s always great to actually meet the chef who prepares your food right? haha

Plus, ambiance? Gorgeous (not conducive to decent, cell-phone pictures of food, however. haha) .

Now, it’s time to prep for Thanksgiving!! 🙂 Love this holiday…I love that is simply about enjoying the company of loved-ones…no gifts, gimmicks, etc.

I’m starting my celebration with chocolate chip studded crescent rolls. Pshh…there are no calories in there…what’re you talkin’ about? 😛

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!!

  • What’re your Thanksgiving plans (if you’re in the U.S.)?

8 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Mmm crescent rolls def. remind me of the holiday baking. What a wonderful idea to stuff those babies up. I wonder if I could make some kinda apple tart…
    Anyways, from your below post — just wanted to say that Hanson xmas CD brings back memories! I’m going to try to find mine when I go home tonight haha.

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