Thanksgiving Breakdown

Hello, hello!

How is it Sunday already? Ah, it seems like it was just Tuesday night, and I was relishing the fact that I’d have 5 whole days off…where did those 5 days go?? haha

However, two of those days were filled with visits from family (and their little pup!!), laughter, fabulous food, football, Bond marathons, Back to the Future and ELF!

I give you – in [cell phone] pics – the breakdown of my Turkey Day!


It doesn't get much better.

Chocolate.Beer. haha It was actually pretty good.

My uncle and the biiiird (and football).

Awesome creamed spinach.



Stuffin' (a fave of mine)

My aunt's squash - so good.


Daa bird.

Pearl onions in cheese sauce. Ahhh-mazing.


My plate. A lil' bit of everything!

The wee one stole my seat!

Tradition. Sugar-cookie turkeys with lemon frosting.


My mom's Kentucky Chocolate Chess Pie. Ahhh - so good!!

(There was also unpictured coffee cake, pumpkin crisp, and pumpkin pie!!)


VT cheese (smoked cheddar, cranberry brie, butternut, and the best bleu everrrr)


Kissssy babby


  • What’re your families’ traditions? Anything that just does not disappear from a celebration?

Mine? Turkey cookies, chess pie, Bond marathon, and football!

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and weekend!


14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Breakdown

  1. Two words: spinach dip. My aunt makes it EVERY YEAR in a pumpernickel bread bowl- the real deal, with mayo, sour cream, all the works. So not healthy but soooo amazing. I tend to park my fanny right by the bowl until dinner is served!! Glad you had a good thanksgiving πŸ™‚

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