First and foremost – a word of warning…finals are upon us (well, preparations for them has begun).

Work has been pretty much smothering me for the last few weeks…and it’ll continue til the very end! haha

However, smothering has such a negative connotation….let’s take a peek at some of my favorite smothering sauces and spreads. Positivity here, people! Positivity!


ahhh-may-zing. yes. dinosaurs and bbq totally work.

Tonight, Dinosaur BBQ was slathered over a sweet potato that disappeared too quickly…hence, no picture.

Crofters – N. American chosen for it’s use of cranberries, and used on Thanksgiving.


Smothering the brie.


Brie and Jam post their sauna in the oven.


  • What about you? Favorite spreads? Sauces? Dressings?

10 thoughts on “Smothered

  1. I’ve never tried BBQ sauce on a sweet potato…although I love it on everything else, so I should give it a try! Other good things for smothering – I’m a big fan of caramel or chocolate : ) And all kinds of flavored butters (apple butter, pumpkin butter, etc.). Really anything – I find that many of the foods I eat include delicious sauces for smothering : )

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