Birthday Cupcakes for Breakfast

Yep – you read correctly. Cupcakes for breakfast!!! haha

Hey, it’s ma birffday, I do what I want! πŸ˜›

I’m so lucky that my mom packed up some unassembled cupcake goodies for me! That way my tradition of chocolate cake, green frosting and M&Ms (when my mom asked a two year old Jil what she wanted as a cake, the combination of her favorite cake, color and candy was obviously the best one) could continue – even away from home. I mean, as hard as I have tried, I cannot replicate my mother’s delicious frosting, and I still don’t know the recipe 100%!

Best. Frosting. Ever. Hands-down.

It’s lick the spoon..knife..dip your finger in the bowl good.

It’s the frosting I measure all frosting against…and well…I haven’t quite found one that tops it!

…I need to get the recipe.

I don’t have time for much celebration today – but a mini breakfast celebration was perfect.

Lots of love!!



15 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcakes for Breakfast

  1. have a great birthday and dont fret the calories. being young is the perfect time to indulge. trust me i am 36 and i think regurally about my foodie treats as a student and 20 something. now it is portion control, but still great treat

  2. Just discovered your blog! Good to know there are other students out there blogging about food. It would be cool if you checked out my blog as well, I’m just getting started πŸ™‚ Happy belated birthday!

    (I sent in another comment but there was something wrong with the link)

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