Chocoholics (Not So) Anonymous

Seriously…when it comes to chocolate I do not discriminate…whether it’s a handful of M&Ms or the finest stuff money can buy…I will shove it into my face faster than you can say, “Melt’s in your mouth, not in your hands.” …however, when it’s fantastic, local chocolate…I want to tell you about it!

This semester, in one of my courses, we worked for a client here in Boston….a chocolatier. Can you say, “Yummm?”…yes.

It took the entire semester for me to make it out to Southie (not the South END, Southie = South Boston…and yes, there is a difference) and finally taste some of her amazing creations. After our presentation last night, we got to sample some of her stuff..and can I say…it’s absolutely unparalleled, and today we hopped on the Red Line for some more goodies!

Whether you live in Southie, the South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the West End, the North End…Allston/Brighton…Brookline…Cambridge…North Shore…South Shore…somewhere else in the U.S., yes, you, too. Wherever. You.Need.To.Go.HERE.

Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe in South Boston will blow your mind. Her chocolate is divine. It’s using local ingredients with globally inspired chocolates. It’s amazing.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The "Caliente!" - spicy cayenne pepper & dark chocolate

A dark chocolate pyramid filled with unbelievable caramel

An "Irish Eyes" - dark chocolate filled with a Bailey's


Peanut butter and jelly...Yes. Dreams do come true. haha

To say that it was simply good would not do it justice. The chocolates really are phenomenal. The pricing is great and the atmosphere of the shop is just so cute and cozy! Seriously, if you’re in Boston now or ever visit…go visit Jen Turner at Blue Tierra!!

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