A Lil’ Naughty, A Lot Nice – Part 1

This holiday season has been an absolutely fantastic one. As I sit here, snowed in – all I can truly think about is how thankful I am for those around me. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life (including all of you, bloggies!). The thing I love most about the holidays is just the love and happiness. Period. “Tis the season to be jolly,” eh?

From cookbooks to socks, my friends and family were more than generous with me this Christmas – but listing exactly what I received isn’t on my to-do list. Though – I’m sure you will be seeing them on the blog at some time or another!

I’ve been able to spend some glorious time with my best:

Her mom is also in this picture, but I wasn't sure if she'd want to be featured on the bloggie.

Yes. Rockin’ the glasses.

One of my gifts from her was….

She gets me.

Verrrry excited to crack into that little ditty.

I got to celebrate Christmas Eve with my mom and brother, along with some family friends:


The Christmas Eve set-up

My favorite figure skating bunny

Plus, we spent the day laughing until our sides hurt. …a little Christmas Vacation helped that. You’ve got to love the Griswolds.

"Tree looks great...little full...lot of sap."

We indulged in (less-than-traditional) fantastic food – including Gruyere chicken, creamed onions, veggie casserole, pepperoni squares, pasta, cookies, lemon meringue pie, and the most amazing Oreo cookie truffles…–ย  and just relished in the comfort of being around the ones we love (though, my cat was less than pleased with the noise and company and freaked out halfway through the evening…she has since calmed down with the help of her annual catnip bender).

Oreo.Cookie.Truffles. - Naughty

Happy, full and a little rosy-cheeked from some wine we took some traditional family/kid photos (why we always do this after stuffing ourselves, I’ll never know).


Not one of those real photos – but a cell phone pic of my brother and me, nonetheless.


Eventually, we said our goodbyes, and all got ready for bed – waiting for Santa, of course.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰





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