Resolutions in Review

I’ve seen a lot of this going on in the blogosphere, and I thought I’d join in on the fun. haha Before declaring my newest resolutions, it’s fun (well, if I’ve met them…haha) to go back and see what I pledged for 2010. I’ll be honest, before heading back into PLM and finding my resolutions post, I totally forgot what my actual resolutions were. Whoopsiesss…

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So let’s take a looksie (and refresh my memory):

-Eat healthier (obviously! haha). I know that I eat pretty healthfully…but there is always room for improvement! ✔ – I definitely kept my word with this one; though there is always room for some sweets!

– Change up what I eat..aka variety is the spice of life, right?? 🙂 ✔ – I tried so much new stuff this year. Love!

– Work my hardest in the upcoming semester. ✔ – I worked my booooty off during the Spring, Summer & Fall.

– Be more frugal. (aka don’t let pretty shoes/clothes/sunglasses/purses seduce me) ✔ – I did make a couple of larger purchases for myself this year – but overall, I was definitely frugal.

– Get involved more in the school community. ✔ – More involved than ever.

– Begin (and stick with) a yoga routine. I know my body and mind will benefit from this one.  X – Not so much. Still something I’d love to accomplish though.

– Lose 10-15 more pounds…nothing specific — more as just an aim to be healthier and in better shape. Yes and no. Weight’s been up and down, but I’ve been  more active than ever.

– Travel to see my best friend at least once. ✔ – LA and Vegas!

– Read more often. ✔ – Especially this summer!

– Always be proud of who I am and what I’m doing and what I have accomplished. ✔ – This is cheesy, but I would say yes.

– Be a better daughter, sister, friend, etc. It’s rather vague… ✔ – This is something where there is always room for improvement though.

– Keep on bloggin’ (duhhh :-P) ✔ – Yep! I have definitely had my moments of doubt this year, but I’m still here.

– Attend a blogging/food/health/fitness conference!! Unfortunately, time and budget didn’t allow this one!

-…and finally : LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE LIFE. ✔ – More than ever.

I’d say it was a pretty successful year! 🙂 I love being able to look back – so literally – on the past year through my blog, and see my goals and growth. I definitely have more goals for 2011…but we’ll save that for another post.



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