Goals for 2011

On paper, my resolutions – goals…whatever you want to call ‘em!.. seem pretty involved, but I feel confident that I can accomplish ‘em! There’s always room for improvement, right?


Even if Urban Dictionary doesn’t think I can. haha

Health – the biggie!

This isn’t the “I want to lose ‘x-number’ of pounds in the New Year” resolution. For me, it’s the overall goal of health and wellness. The last year has been a wake up call for me – various members of my family are dealing with pretty serious illnesses, and while the illnesses aren’t necessarily genetically connected it has inspired me to be healthier than ever. This includes being more active, better stress management, eating  cleanly, and just being more invested in my own well-being

  • Sticking with the gym – I have a tendency to stick with it when things aren’t hectic, but the moment things start getting a little crazy I stop going (October through December – being a prime example). Basically, stick with it – especially when things are really busy because that’s probably when I need the little rush of adrenaline and endorphins most!

  • Get back on the rink – I’ve been having a hard time finding a great ice rink in Boston – with year-round public skating – that is easy to access by public transit. However, I’m determined to find one. Bostonians – anyone know of any great indoor ice rinks?? It’s probably my favorite form of exercise. Ever.


  • Read more about health and wellness – I need to educate myself more – it’s something that I really am passionate about, and I have gained so much knowledge being a part of this blog community…now, it’s time to contribute to that knowledge! Plus, I have so many cookbooks that I need to comb through!
  • Eat clean – Not 100% of the time, but definitely embrace a cleaner way of eating.
  • Yoga – I think this goes along with the stress management as well as being active. This was a goal that I didn’t reach last year, but my body and mind will definitely benefit from this.

  • Actually make more of my fellow bloggies’ recipes! I have entire folder dedicated to recipes I want to try, and more that I haven’t even put in there.


Spend less. hah. Seriously though, I’m not a big spender, as is, but this is something that can always be improved upon.


Don’t give it anything but 100% (though, this could be applied to every facet of life, too).  However, don’t let it consume and stress me out.


Get out to Cali. Period. Fun in the sun! (with sunscreen, of course, haha)


Read more – in general. I definitely need to pry myself away from the text books and read the pile of books that are next to my bed! It will probably make my textbook reading less tedious if I get some fun reading in there, too!

Have more adventures in and around Boston – appreciate this city more. My work with Blue Tierra Chocolate (my post on these amazing chocolates is: here) this semester has made me realize how there are those little gems tucked away in all corners of this city. I want to discover more restaurants, activities and areas….you know, go off the beaten path a bit.

Let the self-improvement begin!!



12 thoughts on “Goals for 2011

  1. Hey Jil! I just came across your blog and will be returning often 🙂 I love your resolutions — a lot of them are similar to my own. You mentioned you wanted to read more, so naturally I have to ask: have you read the Hunger Games books yet? I just finished the first 2 (it’s a trilogy) and could not put them down. Definitely recommend ’em! I’m Anna by the way!

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