The Happy Diet

Alright, so today I received the Jan 2011 issue of Glamour (I feel like my issue came really late…regardless.), and much of the issues is about being HAPPY! Which – well, I loved. I mean that’s the point of it all, isn’t it? I blog because is makes me happy, I cook, bake and eat what I eat because it makes me happy, I listen to Glee and Top 40 pop/dance/R&B as loud as it can go because…well, it makes me happy!

Within the mag, they had this section detailing a happy “checklist” – and while that’s kind definitely simplifying things, I totally agree with the majority of them (credit for all goes to Glamour):

  • Exercise – heck yeah! Get those endorphins, walking out of the gym after a workout, I always feel an extra spring in my step.
  • Eat breakfast – I am sooo bad at this (I’m the queen of gulping down coffee and the running out the door), but having an actual breakfast (when I do) always seems to create the best springboard for the day.
  • Speak up – I never would have thought about this one. It’s true though..boosting your confidence, and reducing your stress by getting something off your chest.
  • Do less – I think this is definitely an idyllic one. While having to do less (and stress less) would be wonderful – sometimes it’s just not in the cards – for me at least.
  • Focus on making memories – A sort of stopping to smell the roses thing…agreed.
  • Go outside – Yes! Cabin fever can be brutal!
  • Hug it out – I’m a hugger…I love this one!
  • Face your challenges – don’t put stuff off – I definitely agree. As someone who has dealt (and still deals) with anxiety, it’s true that the longer you put something off the more anxiety it produces.
  • Say something nice – spread the happiness around! Heck, a guy at Barnes & Noble told me he liked the buttons on my coat because they were “shiiny” – creepy, but it did bring me happiness…if only in the form of a good story!
  • Be grateful – so true…taking the time to realize how fortunate you are is a biggie!
  • Savor your snapshots – photos…inspiration boards!…love it.

What would you add to this ‘checklist’?

At the bottom of that page – they included what they’ve dubbed at the “Happy Diet”.

I agree..especially with the whole “no deprivation” thing…I don’t know a single person who is happy depriving themselves of something they love! I say,bring on the M&Ms! πŸ˜€

In my mind, the “Happy Diet” is all encompassing…not just what we eat or drink, but other aspects of our lives, too. I mean, after all, it all impacts us mentally and physically.


The good stuff, of course – greens, grains, lean protein, spices, beans, all that goodness.

Chewy vitamins – again, embracing my inner child and love for Flintstone Vitamins, I love the chewy vitamin!

click for source

Coffee!! It seriously makes me happy. πŸ™‚

Chex Mix. It may not be the healthiest..but I love it like no other.

Taking photos (of Chex Mix?). I never knew how much I love this until I started blogging. The good ole point and shoot is still goin’ strong.

Me time! – Getting a new nail polish, or going out and getting mani/pedis…so necessary!

Of course…laughing with friends…and not caring how ridiculous you look in the photos.


What’s in your happy life ‘diet’??



12 thoughts on “The Happy Diet

  1. I just bought those vitamins at Costco today- love ’em. I just always end up eating like five servings a day!

    My happy life diet is lot of time with friends, lots of me time, lots of fruits and veggies and lots of dark chocolate. Love πŸ™‚

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