Wait a minute…

…this is a food blog? ๐Ÿ˜›

I realize that recently this blog has definitely lacked a lot of foodie elements…when I’m home, I have a tendency to not cook as often, or I end up baking late at night (happened on multiple occaisions) and the photos just turned out horrible…though the cookies and scones were delicious!

I’m now back in Boston, but to wrap up my time at home I made a deeelicious chicken and cranberry salad sandwich…my mom got me hooked on these.

pulled rottiserie chicken + dried cranberries + mustard + the tiniest bit of mayo

It’s light, fresh and not full of gloppy mayo – not a fan. I tend to use whole grain mustard as the majority of the binder, it’s a nice contrast to the sweetness the cranberries bring. Plus, on some awesome whole wheat bread and blanketed by baby spinach…ahh, you can’t go wrong.

I spent my morning packing – I somehow managed to accumulate sooo much stuff! Between Christmas and frequent Target trips I ended up with a lot! This was only bag numero uno.

Mi madre and I ended up getting all my stuff down to my apartment successfully – and then I went to assemble the television I’d gotten for Christmas aaaand *snap*…. the two of the little pegs snapped right off! Not only did they snap off, but they stayed IN the bottom of the television. Luckily, my mother stays far more level-headed than I do in these situations (tears may have been shed on my part…) …and within an hour we had successfully spoken to customer service at Best Buy, repacked the television, brought it over to Best Buy at Cambridge Side Galleria, exchanged it for a new one (the guy was like “Damn, they really did just snap off!!”) and had it back to my apartment and assembled! Seriously…my mother is a saint, and I owe her big time.

shotty cell phone pic

This is revolutionary for my apartment. My former television was slowly killing itself. The sound didn’t work…and the colors, no matter how much you fiddled with the settings, were permanently set to viewing the world through rose colored glasses. Now, that doesn’t sound terrible, but when everything white is pink, everything green is grey/brown, light blue looks navy/blackish…well, let’s just say when we turned the new TV onto the Cooking Channel, my mom couldn’t stop laughing at me … “I didn’t even KNOW that they used that color…what they use pink?? brown? green? blue?” It was like I was seeing things for the first time apparently.

Now…ahem…sorry got side-tracked there. Now back in the apartment, I have been cleaning, reorganizing and trying to de-clutter.

I made the discovery that I have about 5lbs of frozen fruit in my freezer…time for more smoothies! Oh, and that I own copious amounts of various liquors…even when I’m not that big of a drinker. My motto: Always be prepared. …wait that’s the Boy Scouts – meh, oh well, they can share.

I was actually proud of the fact that very little had gone bad in my fridge while I was gone – even the milk that I had totally forgotten hadn’t gone completely bad (though, I still threw it out). I’m pretty well stocked for now…


Birthday champagne, too - you know, in case I'm feeling festive


Very excited for using that polenta and the gnocchi!

I’m exhausted from hauling my stuff up lots of stairs today – and I’ll be honest, my kitchen is not in a state conducive to cooking. However, it’s nice finding goodies tucked away in the corner of your freezer.

To the rescue came my dad’s jambalaya. Mmm…a spicy and comforting mix of Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, peppers and rice.

Back to the kitchen tomorrow! I’m excited; I have a ton of recipes I’ve been dying to make.

  • Do you ever keep stuff in your pantry, freezer or fridge ‘just in case’? What kind of stuff?

8 thoughts on “Wait a minute…

  1. I have SO MUCH ALCOHOL in my apartment that it’s not even funny…and the only time I ever drink it is when I have a single beer with dinner if I have a guest. That’s it. I have no idea where the hoarding of the stuff comes from…I think I’m just a sucker for pretty packaging ๐Ÿ™‚

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