Ahh – what a day it’s been so far!

I woke up bright and early; I’m definitely trying to get myself back in the routine of early mornings…perhaps I can become a morning person after all? I was very, very excited to try a coffee that my brother had gotten me for Christmas – Pralines and Cream. The name alone reminds me of my first trip to Los Angeles and my first trip to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, where their special flavor was pecan praline…ahhh so good!

Unfortunately, I don’t think the universe wants me to be a morning person…bring in the fact that my milk had frozen solid in my refrigerator, overnight – aaand when I attempted to bring the mounds of recycling that I have out…the bag just split open. Recycling. Everywhere. …though I guess, that’s better than a trash bag busting open. Ew.

I did manage to find some stuff to add to my coffee, and while I’m not really a fan of coffee without milk, half and half or cream…this flavor is fantastic! I can’t wait to try it my way, though.

I made a gym date with a friend of mine, so I had a pre-workout breakfast/snack of PB&J toast.

I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again – I love the Fiber One Whole Wheat bread…it’s just such a nice, dense slice of bread.

Post-workout, I froze my booty off walking home – brrr!! I’m not ready for the Nor’easter that we’re supposed to get hit by on Wednesday – 8-12 inches!

I walked home thinking about only one thing…guacamole. I decided some more toast needed to be made.

In comes the impossibly easy, but fantastic open-face ‘B’LT. I didn’t have any tomatoes, but technically there is some tomato in the guac… 🙂

with f'acon

Soo comforting!

Now, I’m off to continue my cleaning efforts…you wouldn’t think it would take this long to organize a studio apartment!


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