One of my favorites on the Food Network is Alton Brown – why? First of all, he makes food science so interesting and accessible (and my inner food geek loves it!). Also, with all his research – I have yet to find a recipe of his that isn’t good or fails. Win/Win! He is always saying that there is no room for “uni-taskers” in his kitchen – everything must serve a dual purpose.

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I try to abide by this little rule of thumb…I mean, after all, my kitchen is about the size of a postage stamp and doesn’t have tons of storage – hence everything has to multitask.

Today’s featured multitasker? My cocktail shaker…I know we recently discussed the fact that I have a lot of alcohol stashed away in my freezer, but I don’t really ever drink it. My poor cocktail shaker gets lonely…so I decided to put it to use…in the morning!

It is absolutely the best way, in my opinion, to make iced coffee! It chills it to perfection and mixes everything up juuuust right – which is great when you do add ins, such as syrup, like I do! Plus, it makes it fun and foamy! I use the shaker directly with the glass I’m going to drink out of so I don’t dirty the top of the shaker.


after some foam deflation

Anyway, I was up early again for some gym action – a little bit of cottage cheese was inhaled before heading out the door!

My walk was chilllly!

all was quiet on the Frog Pond

Of course, some quick cardio warms ya right up.


Post gym – I was craving guac again. Obsessed.

I could eat this all day long.

Now to relax a bit before heading to dinner tonight with some friends.

  • What are some of your fave multitaskers?

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