Comfort Food

On a day filled with ridiculous amounts of snowfall…I really just wanted to curl up with comfort food.

Plus, being essentially quarantined in my apartment, until approximately 20 minutes ago, also gave me a lot of time to think about it. πŸ˜‰

Tonight I was thinking polenta. Again. I wanted a big, piping hot bowl of comforting polenta goodness.

Sooo I set out to do that.

2 servings of premade polenta (about 200g), about 3/4 c of spinach, a little milk and water, some dried garlic to taste(you could also use fresh or powdered), onion powder, some red pepper flakes, and about a 1/4 c of mozzarella cheese (at the very end) later….

It definitely met my expectations! Comforting and super filling!

Next time I would season it more while it was cooking – I didn’t want to add too much salt because I knew the cooked polenta had been pre-salted, but it could’ve used a bit more to my taste or Parmesan cheese instead of mozz could take care of that, too – also, fresh garlic would have been awesome – I just didn’t have it. It’s all about the fine-tuning in the future…

I will admit – this took a lot of elbow grease – I know that I splattered polenta into my hair trying to wisk it into submission (from block form back to soft form!). Nice lil’ workout.

I’ll probably be finding bits of polenta and spinach all over my kitchen for weeks…very remeniscent of my attempts to secretly make truffles in my dad’s kitchen when he was out of town, only to have him come back and find chocolate splattering in the most random places! However – in both cases – it was well worth it.

ooey, gooey goodness - but artificial light...not so good


Then came dessert – so good (though, I like my pretzel to chocolate ratio a little higher on the pretzel side – you know for the full impact of the salty/sweet).

In my head, the people at Mars/M&Ms made these juuuuuuuuuust for me. πŸ˜€


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