Snow Day

Considering this is the view (well, an early morning version) outside of my window – I thought I’d mentally get cozy with some reliving of dinner last night!

Last night,  I went out to dinner at Teatro, here in Boston, with two friends. Teatro is easily one of my favorite restaurants (that I’ve tried!) in the city. I love their small plates and the fact that the menu changes. I had a great time catching up with friends, laughing and indulging in amazing, amazing eats!

We shared 2 small plates and a side to begin with:

buffalo mozzarella, roasted peppers and oregano

This plate was incredible – I’ve never had mozzarella like this. It was so light and creamy, and the peppers had this sweet and sour thing going on that was delicious.


crispy calamari with lemon aioli

Always a winner. I can’t pass up calamari on a menu…so light and crispy – be careful of the fried hot peppers in there though..spicyy but so good!



3 words: parmesan.truffle.fries.

Addictive. These are so crispy, delicious and packed with flavor!

For my entree, I was torn between two pizzas – I ended up going with the pizza topped with duck confit, spicy sausage, and pumpkin – simply for the fact that it was a really unique option.

a lil' blurry, sorry

It was really fantastic – balancing the sweetness of the pumpkin, the savory, lux flavor of the duck, and the spiciness of the sauce  – I’m a freak for duck so this was naturally a hit with me; their pizzas are ultra-thin crust…I took a bit home…but only so I could save room for…dessert.


We shared two desserts between the 3 of us:


chocolate, vanilla and mint gelato with a pistachio biscotti

This was delicious – I can’t say I’ve ever had mint ice cream or gelato that was legitimately minty – real mint. It was so refreshing.


warm dark chocolate cake, vanilla gelato, raspberry sauce and a lace-cookie-type garnish (of some kind)


This was incredible – my absolute favorite. A moist, dense cake – the richness was cut by the tang of the raspberry and of course…add vanilla gelato and it’s just over the top amazing.

I know I’ve sung the praises of this restaurant before – but they really are fantastic. Food and service are amazing – the staff is so accommodating! –  and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed.

Now…to day dream of dark chocolate cake while watching the snow blow by…


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