No Use…

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk – I’m adding foamy coffee to that saying, as well.

This morning – I awoke with the best (and simplest) of intentions – to make myself iced coffee. I love iced – better than hot coffee, actually.

Even on days like today – it’s currently 18 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy.

I make hot coffee…simply so that I can store the extra in my fridge, in a mason jar and have it cold the next day (or few hours later, I guess).

So today I went about my usual routing…layering ice, syrup, coffee and milk into my shaker…

Ahh – such an innocent photo…because next things I knew (after some shake, shake, shakin’)…

Ovvvvverflow – it was much more dramatic than this photo tells. I swear.

Maybe I filled the shaker too much?

Maybe I don’t know my own strength?

Maybe this was the Universe saying “Hey, Jil – since when are you a morning person?…hah!!”

Regardless – I now have a naked table (tablecloth in definite need of a run through the washing machine), but in spite of the mess – it was a dammmn good cup of coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Friday!


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