You’re Getting Warmer

You know those days when you’re not quite sick…but you just feel… Blah?

Is there a better way to describe it? I don’t think so.

Today is one of those “Blahh” days for me – I just haven’t been able to shake a headache and just an overall feeling of being a bit rundown.

My distraction? Hot.Cocoa. This was the year of hot cocoa for me…I got it from at least three people throughout the Christmas/Holiday season. I have yet to open any of them…and I decided that today would be the perfect day for it.

Enter: The Starbucks Holiday Cocoa Trio.

My best friend’s parents gave me this trio as a lil’ Christmas gift; such adorable packaging.

The “Toasted Marshmallow” option was calling my name. Mini-marshmallows? I’m in.


There they are.

Love this mix – so tasty, and I actually think my headache is going away as I type. Ahhh, the magical powers of cocoa (or blogging?). Okay, it’s probably totally coincidental – but still. Delicious.

My only issue??

4, c'mon???

A lil’ stingy with the mini-marshmallows!!

I hope you all are having absolutely stellar weekends!!


12 thoughts on “You’re Getting Warmer

  1. How funny! I got some Starbucks cocoas for Christmas (toasted marsh and salty caramel). Boo on the mallow situation though! At least I know what to expect once I break into mine!

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