Love at First Bite

I feel like it has been far too long since Trader Joe’s products have been front and center in my life.

Finally, I had the time (and necessity) to do a full on shopping trip at TJ’s…and two newbs are officially obsessions of mine.

White Bean & Basil Hummus

It’s so delicious, and bursting with basil flavor.

Plus, the texture is divine.

My next, new love?

Baked Lentil Chips – salt and peppery goodness!

They’re so crunchy – with a perfect, peppery bite to them. Nom!

Plus…they’re excellent for dipping…in white bean hummus, perhaps?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • How quickly do you fall for foods? and what are your latest foodie obsessions??

14 thoughts on “Love at First Bite

  1. I am totally jealous that you have a Trader Joe’s – I *get* to drive to Vegas if I want to make a trip!
    When I find a food I like (and that meets my nutritional needs) I am a TOTAL sucker for it – there are things (i.e. my favorite trail mix) that I pretty much each every day! I do try new things – but I am a loyal consumer to the things I like and it’s hard to break me from my eating habits.

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