Nothing Quite Like…

…waking to the sound of shovel to pavement.

Ahhh – State of Emergency anyone??

Ahh…that poor girl. My flash accidentally went off when I took this picture, too – and I was so paranoid that she saw it, and would think that I was legit creeping on her. Whooopsie.

Lovely day for a stroll. Don’t think that umbrella is helping much.

Also…props to this brave soul for actually RUNNING this morning.

Check him out – top left hand corner. I know, I look out the window on a morning like this, and think “Definitely time to put the sneaks on and go for a run! Refreshing!!”

Joking aside…props to him for his willpower, determination and commitment – mine is obviously not at the same level or I’d be that person who would slip and fall and look like a total idiot…

….oh wait! That happened to me the other day! haha πŸ™‚ Gotta love the perils of living in a walking city covered in black ice!

In other news…my oatmeal exploded in the microwave this morning (no judgement, the microwave stuff suits me juuuust fine when I’m lazy!). My maple and brown sugar goodness was strewn about the entire microwave! I think this was life’s way of saying, “Okay, Jil…seriously, it is REALLY is time you cleaned your microwave…you can’t avoid it now.”

The majority of the oatmeal survived though (and was delish!) – I only had to contend with a sticky bowl.

Don’t know what that little black thing is stuck to the oats – I think it’s a string (sewing buttons back on my jacket that popped off during the aforementioned fall). Who knows!

I hope it is less snowy where you are – and if it is snowy that you have nowhere to go and nothing to do!

Ahh, if only life always worked out that way!



20 thoughts on “Nothing Quite Like…

  1. Wah! That oatmeal disaster happened to me recently too 😦 It’s such a pain to clean! Totally LOL’d about that girl in the picture, how creeped out must she be if she DID see the flash? LOL again.

  2. sorry about your exploding oatmeal! 😦

    I just stumbled on your blog today and just had to tell you how much I love that picture you took of the girl in the snow…the one where your flash went off accidentally. It’s a wonderful picture. Just had to tell you. And she probably never even knew you were photographing her. I’m sure you didn’t creep her out so don’t worry ’bout it. πŸ™‚

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