The Trident

Hello, hello!

Last night was a girls’ night out – and for dinner – we ended up at Trident Booksellers & Cafe. I know I’ve talked about the Trident before on this little bloggie, but it had been a while since I’d been and I was craving it – like woah.


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It’s the cutest little independent bookstore (and cafe) located on Newbury. It’s got stellar food, and a great, relaxed, hipster-y atmosphere. Plus, they serve breakfast alllll day (yes!!), and are pretty much the only thing on Newbury, that isn’t a bar, open past ten (they’re open until midnight). Also, they’re one of the few places in the city where you’re not rushed out of your seats…in fact, you’re encouraged to chill and take your time. Love it.

I knew going in that I had one thing on my mind. Their sweet potato fries. Fantastic. They’re definitely some of the best I’ve ever had, and served with two different sauces – a garlic/chive? mayo and a curry mustard – that are so good.

For the record…photos were taken with my Fx Camera on my phone…it just felt right to have them be a little old-school.

Also – it was coooold yesterday – with a hot beverage on the mind, but it being too late to wisely have a latte.. I decided on their chai. Delicious, and honestly, I don’t even like chai – but I like Trident’s chai. Enough said.

Cinnamony and spicy – and in one of those huuuuge mugs – you can’t beat it.

Now, I’ve been to Trident a few times now…and I keep repeating myself – I’ve gotten their falafel wrap and their Cape Codder a number of times…so I was determined to try something new. I did just that and went for BREAKFAST. Yes, breakfast for dinner…one of my favorite traditions.

My choice – their apple and brie omelette. Why? Because it was unique? Yeah. Because it had brie in it? Definitely. I would have *never* thought to put apples and eggs together, but this worked soooo well!

It was an eggy envelope of buttery, cheesy, tart, fruity goodness – and their portions are huuuge. I took a picture of the whole plate – but I have no idea where it went. I ate the whole thing though…sans my toast. I will be experimenting with apple-filled eggs in the future.

It was literally the most random but most amazing meal.

They have a vegan cashew chili that I’ve been wanting to try, too…. next time, next time.


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