Repeat…as in – repeat a meal.

You know – I was little disappointed in myself yesterday. I mean…the pictures of my pizza certainly didn’t do it justice, and I felt, for the first time in a while, that I blogged just for the sake of getting a post out there (bad, Jil!).

I mean, I loved that pizza – enough to quickly slap together a post about it – but you know what, it deserves more. It deserves a better post. (Yes, I’m essentially talking to a pizza, here…)Β  YOU deserve a better post.

Stay with me here…

So here we go…take 2! aaaaaaand action.

A long, long time ago (for some reason, this prompted Weird Al Yankovic’s play off “American Pie” – “The Saga Begins [Lyrical Adaptation of ‘American Pie'” – to run crazily through my brain – don’t ask, haha), I had an addiction to tortilla pizzas – specifically BBQ tortilla pizzas. I don’t know why, but I never graduated from tortillas to actual pizza dough…even though it was sitting in my freezer all this time.

Honestly, it’s really fun to play with your food!

Plus, pizza is always better when it’s awkwardly shaped, right? P.S. I really like this dough, I picked it up from Trader Joe’s, but it’s made by the Portland Pie, Co. – really easy to work with – major plus!

Regardless, this time around I sprinkled it with some garlic powder before shoving it into a 450 (yes, I got brave!) degree oven for a couple of minutes to just firm up – no toppings, nothin’.

Took the dough out (only sustaining a slightly burned finger in the process – don’t you hate when oven mitts don’t do they’re job!), and topped it with a good slathering of Dinosaur BBQ sauce – this stuff is magic – and a big ole heap of spinach…well, as much as I could get away with on the pizza.

Then layers of mozzarella and red onion were sprinkled.

450 degrees and 10 minutes later…. voila!

Oddly shaped…yes – I feel like this somewhat resembles a tribal mask or something.

Delicious – absolutely. Honestly, this pizza was infinitely better than last night’s…crispy and flavorful – it doesn’t get much better.

I mean seriously – thin crust at it’s best! …and out of my own, teeny, tiny oven! Who knew!!?

Now…to make the leap to making my own dough…I’ll wait on that one.


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  1. Hey Jil! I just discovered your blog through Snackface. πŸ˜€ That pizza looks deeeeelish! I lurve thin crust. I also never experimented with pizza dough…just pitas and tortillas. πŸ™‚ I will have to experiment and use dough! I look forward to reading more of your blog. πŸ˜€

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