Don’t Judge

Now, they say: Don’t judge a book by its cover….

In this case it’s more like: Don’t judge a smoothie by its color.

Ew, that rhymed. Regardless….

For some reason, I’ve been craving a smoothie/green monster like nobody’s business lately. Yeah, I’m crazy. I mean seriously…in the last week we’ve had – what? – 3 big snow storms? This doesn’t add up.

I think my mind is just rebelling against the cold weather – Spring needs to get here now!!

So this morning, I got up and blended my little heart out (and probably woke my building up in the process…monster-making is not the quietest of morning activities…).

This was my result:

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t judge it yet! Under that reddish-brown, brick-like color was a really, REALLY tasty smoothie!!

No. Really.

This is how it all started:

Beautiful, fresh tones of red, orange, yellow and green…

Composed of spinach, Greek yogurt, frozen mangoes, strawberries, peaches, raspberries and cranberries (quite the concoction!), some Truvia, some coconut extract, water and 2oz of POM Wonderful juice… this was the perfect blend of fruity sweetness and tartness. This will be made again…regardless of its less-than-aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

After all, it’s what is inside that counts!


  • What’ve you made that tastes fantastic, but doesn’t necessarily look the greatest?!



8 thoughts on “Don’t Judge

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of greens+fruit smoothies, but that actually looks REALLY good! I think that picture showing the ingredients from the top makes it look so fresh and yummy. I’m very tempted to make some… πŸ™‚

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