There are those recipes in life that you make…over…and over, and over, and over…okay, you get it. I have a few of those recipes in my life – most of them baked goods.

One of those recipes, for me, is baked beans. Specifically, Jenna’s Homemade Baked Beans. They are  just plain ole’ amazing. Seriously. I know – baked beans…how amazing can a bean be? Let me tell you…

If you’ve been reading for a while…you know that I’ve made these a few times before. I seriously recommend that you do, too. For me, these beans (more so the “sauce”) is this perfect balance of spice, acidity, and sweetness. I’d probably pour it over just about anything.

You can easily find the recipe on Jenna’s page – and I really don’t make too many adjustments (though I use whole, stone ground Dijon mustard in the place of ground mustard), and this time around I only had a red onion…so in it went!

perfectly purple

Love my cast iron – so seasoned at this point.

In go the onions…

When softened…add garlic. Personally, I think these smells beat the pants off of any sort of air freshener.

Measure out all the wet ingredients – love my kitchen scale…

Once you’ve let the spicy, mapley, sweet and tangy mixture bubble away for a little – add your beans and bay leaf (or leaves..). For the record I doubled this batch. The cover it with tin foil, and stick it into a 350 degree oven for 45-50 minutes, stirring halfway!



At this point…my apartment smells out-of-this-world good.

I like to take it out once the tomato has reduced enough to not run back together when a spoon is run through it.

…right about now is when my fire alarm went off because my tiny little apartment does not handle heavy use of my stove well. Whoopsies…. 🙂

I could literally eat these for breakfast, lunch or dinner … and then a midnight snack. Obsessed much? Maybe.

They work really well as leftovers, and stay well in the fridge!…. not that they’ll be around for long.

  • What’re your favorite recipes that you find yourself making over and over again?

5 thoughts on “Best.

  1. As unsafe as it is, I have removed all my smoke alarms because they always go off (I don’t have a hood on my stove and my kitchen just doesn’t air out well). Every once in a while I put them back in for safety’s sake until they go off again.

    I love baked beans! My go to dish that I make all the time though is chili. I absolutely love it.

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