Cupcakes & Football?

A natural combo right? Well…okay, not usually.

Superbowl Sunday is usually filled with wings, beer, chips, dips, and pizza galore. All of which are glorious things…this weekend, my friend, Amanda and I used the opportunity to get together and stuff our faces with crazy good stuff…like cupcakes, champagne and apple cider. Oh, and we had chips and dip, too!!

I got to Sweet on Sunday afternoon fully prepared to purchase some red velvet cupcakes and be on my way…I thought to myself – surely it won’t be busy – I mean, who is out buying cupcakes on Superbowl Sunday?! I found out…a lot. Mostly tweens…and they were all in the shop being rather obnoxious. I felt bad for the people working; it’s honestly, usually such a chill, quiet little shop and there were just 12 year olds everywhere.

Oh…and they took the last of the red velvet. A crime! Seriously though…they were wiped out – and it was 4pm! They are open until 9 on Sundays!

Unphased by the lack of red velvet (okay, slight shaken…), I chose 3 lil’ cupcakes to share and made my way over for some pre-game catching up and chatting.

Oh, and sparkling Rosรฉ is definitely one of my favorite beverages in the whole-wide-world. I love its sweetness.

Plus…it’s purrrdy!

Chips, hummus, guac and sparkling goodness were enjoyed during the first half – along with lots of conversation, laughter at the adorable, spastic gymnastics of her kitty, and disappointment in the overall “ad/brand” factor of the ‘bowl.

Cupcakes accompanied the half-time show…which honestly, wasn’t a fan. Maybe if the sound had been right…but from the beginning when Fergie was pretty much just straight up screaming…meh. She looked good though! Her bod is ridiculous – even under bedazzled football pads! …and I’m not gonna lie when they started singing “Where is the Love?”…I was secretly hoping that JTimberlake would descend from the ceiling like a little ethereal, falsetto crooning angel. …a girl can hope.

So yes – cupcakes were divided, shared and devoured. Organic Karat…mostly purchased for the fact that it had at least one aspect red velvet…cream.cheese.frosting. Frosting was good – but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the cake. It was good, but not the best I’d ever stuffed in my face.

Cookies and Cream…yes. The cake was great, but the frosting steals the show. My fave one.

Angel Food – something was drizzled on top (something delicious!). I don’t know what it was, but this was delicious. I love angel food cake, and I honestly would never really think to do it in cupcake form. Nom.

Overall, a fab evening. Now. Back to reality…

  • Do you watch the Superbowl? Do you watch for the game, the ads, the half-time show, the celeb spotting?? and what’s on your gameday menu?

14 thoughts on “Cupcakes & Football?

  1. I don’t watch the superbowl. Our friend has a superbowl party every year and I have stopped going. Or I’ll go for the first hour (to eat!) then head home. I have a very good excuse though — two little kids who need to go to bed. I’m such a party pooper.

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