Mix ‘n Match

Brrr – it’s a brisk one out there today…it’s 25 right now, but the wind is blowing like crazy! Spring needs to get it in gear and get here…pronto!

Though it’s freezing out (technically, below…), naturally, the only thing on my mind is a smoothie. My poor blender has been getting quite the workout over the last couple of weeks – that brick red smoothie started it all!

So when my raspberries ran out – I decided to change it up. After all, I have enough frozen fruit in my freezer to last me a while…and going out and buying *more* just because I liked this particular smoothie just didn’t make sense.

Time to mix it up.

Most of the players stayed the same – plain lowfat yogurt, POM juice, spinach, mango chunks, cranberries – and the new addition – blueberries (a theme this week?). Plus, the addition of Truvia and some coconut extract….honestly, the coconut extract is the best part! It makes me feel like I’m on vacation – just find one of those little drink umbrellas for me and I’d be set!

My lil’ blender – okay, so it’s not little – far from it!, but it’s definitely no Vitamix – blended its little heart out (with the help of some added water), and left me with another fantastic smoothie!

So much goodness in one glass.

Plus, it was thick – no watery smoothies over here. Oh, and it’s an awesome deep purple, too – prettttty.

  • What are some of your favorite fruity combos??

18 thoughts on “Mix ‘n Match

  1. i want a blender i want a blender i want a blender…. haha. but i’m in school right now, so a blender is too much money/unnecessary for me. But gosh, looking at your pictures and reading about your smoothie makes me crave one so badly!

    fruit combos: mango and orange is really good! oooo and you could add some pineapple… ๐Ÿ™‚

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