Simply Irresistable

Hello, hello loves!

There’s a little part of me that gets a slightly apprehensive about doing posts that are heavy on the meat factor – I know a lot of you are vegan or vegetarian, and I dunno – it just does. haha I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, though, I appreciate both like nobody’s bizznazzz. However – labels asideย  I just don’t eat a ton of meat – especially red meat – cost-wise and taste-wise.

However, every now and then I really appreciate a killer burger or a great steak. …Especially when that burger is a Boston institution….

Ahh, Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage – seriously, the best burgers in Boston, in my opinion. They grind their own meat on premises, Guy Fieri has paid them a visit, and honestly I’ve never had a burger of theirs and regretted it – and there are A LOT of burgers to choose from.

Sometimes you just gotta go for it, get messy and dive in – head first.

I knew I wanted a raspberry lime rickey without needing the menu- they’re famous for ’em. They’re also famous for their frappes!

Then it was time to study the menu – I love that it changes, and that all the burgers are named after Boston celebs/sports figures/policitians, other popular culture figures or just something funny/uncomfortable to say (the Viagra, anyone? – actually, I do want to get that one someday).

I ended up settling on the “Michelle Obama (she’s hot & spicy) blue cheese burger with cajun seasoning and fries.” I subbed sweet potato fries. Nom and Blue cheese – bring it on.

No nonsense. Seriously – such a fantastic burger . They actually know how to cook a burger to order, and keep it feeling like aย  burger that you feel like was just grilled up in your backyard. The MObama was delicious! and woo – the cajun seasoning gave it a definite kick! Plus – you know me & sweet potato fries…love at first bite.

My friend, Amanda, ordered the “Jersey Shore Burger (over the top)with bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms & onions, w/ onion rings” which looked sooo good! I took a picture of it – but it was blurry and didn’t do it justice…but trust me – cheesy, mushroomy amazingness. We were talking about how they should do a fried pickle topped burger for Snooks. haha

We both ended up as members of the clean plate club:

An awesome meal, a great server – I totally forget his name (I want to say it was Ryan?), and a fun evening of sharing ketchup with the people on a date next to us (they cram you in there, and force you to make friends – it’s great!). They don’t have a bathroom (grandfathered in – that’s how long they’ve been around) and only take cash – so be prepared! Trust me it’s allll worth it.

Then we decided to “walk off” our dinners (okay, I know, I didn’t actually walk off the calories of that sucker) by walking from Cambridge back to Boston. …over the river we went – this was interesting for me as the girl with a slight fear of heights…wobbly knees were definitely present as we crossed over the frozen Charles!

Love my city at night!

  • What is something that your city, town, etc. is known for??

9 thoughts on “Simply Irresistable

  1. Louisville is definitely known for a lot of things, but I’d say the Hot Brown (I’m not a big fan) and Derby Pie (I’m a HUGE fan) are our most famous. I’d definitely like to pay a visit to that burger joint though! Sounds awesome!

  2. I’ve heard a lot about this burger place, so jeal! I don’t eat red meat very often either, but sheesh, sometimes a girl just wants a burger! And I must admit, the craving is now a’stirring.

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  4. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did. I’m from Boston myself (born and raised) and I actually live down the street from Mr. Bartley’s. Hands down, best burgers in Boston! Can’t wait to read more!

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