Happy Valentine’s Day (again)!!!


I’m celebrating it with my one, true love – coffee. πŸ˜‰

Okay – so we all know I’m coffee obsessed…crazed…addicted – whatever label you want to assign to it. :-D.

It’s been a constant part of this blog since it’s start as Peace, Love & Munchies.

I love trying to new flavors, new brewing methods, new drinks…all that jazz….but you probably know that already.

For Christmas, I received a coffee grinder – yayy!! It’s an appliance I’ve been wanting forever, and it was glorious to unwrap a gift and see it’s little chrome face poking out at me.

I’ve waited so long to use it since my cabinets were already stuffed with different types of ground coffee – however, the other day, I finally used up the last bit of the ground, and set out on a mission to find some whole beans (not really a tough mission though..).

Beans of choice? Green Mountain Coffee’s Southern Pecan. I really can’t get over how good it kitchen is perfumed with the scent of pecan pie, and I’m not complaining.

I set up to do my grinding!

Approximately 20 seconds later – course ground coffee…perfect for my french press!

Bring some hot water into this mix, and let it sit.



I added some cinnamon just for lil’ somethin’ somethin’ …

…aaand now I’m addicted. Bring on the whole beans – what a difference!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day – whether you’re single, attached, near to your loved ones or far! ❀ ❀

6 thoughts on “Caffeinated

  1. OMG — a post after my own heart!! I’m addicted to any and every type of coffee, and my day can’t start (and sometimes end!) without it. I’m loving my Dunkin’ Hazelnut flavor right now, with some French vanilla flavored Splenda that someone gave me. The combo is AH-mazing. πŸ˜€

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