Grilled Cheezus

There’s just something about having brie in the house…

Sure, I normally had some sort of cheese (string, shredded, sliced…), but brie is a game changer.

Last night, I came home from work, tired and ready to just curl up on the couch – and I decided that the perfect company would be grilled cheese (grilled cheezus?? — Glee reference, for those who don’t watch…or remember)...


….nahhh……but a spicy, spinach and brie grilled cheese!

I’ve always kind of wondered – how many ingredients can you add to a grilled cheese before … it’s not just a grilled cheese anymore?

Anyway – with brie evenly distributed (and nibbled on), sprinkled with spicy, red pepper and black pepper, and blanked by spinach…the toasting began.

Ahhh – golden goodness. There’s just something so amazing about the contrast between the crunchy bread and the ooey, gooey brie.

If I had bacon it would have gone on there, too…

  • What’s your favorite way to do grilled cheese (or “cheese”)?

I’m a sucker for tomato and bacon…

Also!! News! The Big City, Lil Kitchen is now on FB!

Join the fun! haha But seriously…

Big City, Lil’ Kitchen

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